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Nap time


Well………. They got a hold of me… They took the clippers and the razors out…. and got all the gum out too….

With all my hair

I can’t even wear my headband now, cause my hair can’t hide it…… and it just look silly… I guess I looked silly…..

I can’t imagine I look good……

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BOND is a tiny touch module. It can be a pendant or a bracelet but it comes in pairs. You keep one and you give one to a friend. When you touch it, your friend feels it. No matter where they are on the planet. We don’t do tweets, we do tickles.

we need this

gonna put it on my dick


This is actually so cool because some people wear bracelets and necklaces and things as comfort items. I used to wear a necklace from my grandma to remind me of her and I would touch the pendant on it when I was feeling down or stressed. So imagine (if she were still alive), every time I did that she would know I was thinking of her, drawing strength from her.

And then imagine poking it and the other person feels it and pokes back and you end up in a real life facebook poke war.

I would send messages in morse code

magine you and your best friend have one. When the friend dies, he/she is buried with the bracelet. A couple weeks later, you feel someone touch your wrist.

Well this escalated from cool tech to perverted hilarity to something heartfelt then finally something out a creepypasta

May I story time? I’m gonna story time, because tech like this is something I find really neat and I personally really like stuff like this.
Okay so when I was younger (not too much younger, but younger) I had a very close friend. He and I always hung out and often talked about the things that really stressed us out or bothered us and what not. As much as I love to act and be on stage I’m very nervous when it comes to public speaking. I literally cannot do it, I cannot bring myself to speak, my friend knew this and there was a time I had to, at the time he didn’t have any way to calm me down or help. He was forced to stay in the audience, and was not allowed back stage to where I was. When I walked out to give my speech he tossed me one of his (many) rings. I remember it caused a bit of a scene and he was asked to leave for “threatening the speaker” but when I got up there and had to speak I remember just clutching that ring and spoke as if I was just talking to him. When I was done I told the people in charge I wasn’t feeling well and needed to leave. I met up with him and gave him back the ring. To which he refused telling me to keep it, saying it’s a part of him that I can call upon when I am stressed. A few months passed and he had to move away in a week. One of the worst things for him was change. He didn’t want to leave but he wasn’t old enough to move out and stay here. I remember getting a text from him saying good bye, and that he wasn’t going to leave. In other words he wanted to kill himself. I found him at the window of his apartment (which he was on the top floor mind you) when I tried to go up to talk to him he shouted at me to go away so I wouldn’t have to see him die, his door was locked and I had no way to get to him. I remember running outside and tossing him back his ring. When he asked why I simply told him “It’s meaningless if you’re gone. Distance cannot break the bond we’ve forged, but dying…well that’s another story because I’m going to be here for a while longer.” On the day he moved away I showed up to say good bye and gave him a necklace with a small owl feather on it (Those of who know me in person know why). He handed me back the ring telling me “Yeah, I think I’ll be here a while longer too.”

In short; something so simple as a ring, or a necklace can bridge distance so easily. So a bracelet that let you physically know when someone is thinking about you would be a really great thing. 

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do u have that one person who you kinda just 

im so happy youre alive i dont care that youre miles and miles away i just love you a lot and care for you so much


Paula used PSI Freeze!

Happy 25th Mother anniversary!




Ninja Shuriken Paper Craft Contest

The Age of the Ninja is upon us and warriors far and wide are training to become masters of this ancient art! 

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"I feel so light. This is the first time I feel so happy during battle. I’m not afraid of anything any more. Because I’m not alone any more."

I decided to rebirth into a girl and to make myself look like Mami.

Now I have a Madoka and Homura Commerce Pet and then me (Karahana) as Mami

Magical Girls go

[[meduka intensifies]]

I’m modeled (loosely) after Sayaka/Oktavia and I have like almost every PMMM name as alts/pets xD 


fuckign h ELL


favorite region : sinnoh (d/p/pt)

I draw and pixel stuff, mostly using Paint Tool Sai. Expect Mabinogi (Ruairi) shenanigans, art, anime, and funny shit. I go by Maddie/Audill.
°17 Y.O°

A hopeless purple maniac ヽ(´ー`)ノ

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